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KEY Contributors


The Alexandria Senior Center recognizes the many contributions that allow the Senior Center to increase our impact on serving the senior community in Douglas County.  

The programs and services provided by the Center's volunteers in support of the members and broader area residents could not be achieved without the contributions from so many. 

Thank you! 

The Alexandria Senior Center Board of Directors and Staff

2023 / 2024

Alexandria Senior Center members and volunteers

Annual Fundraising Appeal

Fundraising Events

Volunteer opportunities

In Kind Donations

Event Sponsors

Pie & Coffee - informational sessions of topics of interest to seniors - and, of course, pie and coffee is provided by our sponsor - 2nd Thursday of each month

Monthly Birthday Party - celebrating birthdays the 2nd Friday of each month with cake, games and social time!  Sponsors provide and serve the birthday treats to our seniors.  

Douglas County Fair - we celebrate seniors and share ethnic foods and demonstrate skilled crafts with everyone who comes to the fair.  So much of what we provide could not be done without all of the contributions from our sponsors!    

Coffee Sponsors - the coffee pot is on!  Seniors have access to coffee while they are at the Center.  All coffee is provided by monthly sponsors.  $200/month

Food - many sponsors periodically bring food items to the Senior Center.  Members have access to these food items free of charge.    

Key Contributor

Knute Nelson

Rehab Authority

Henry's Foods


Millerville Butter

Eldens Fresh Foods

Douglas County Ag


UCARE - Sharon Notch

Larson Insurance

Elden's Fresh Foods

Bell Bank

Vista Prairie

Anderson's Funeral Home

Lind Family Funeral

Martinson Insurance

West Central Sanitation

Cub Foods

Roers Bakery

Food Shelf


In Memory Of:

Marcia Gae Schmidt - $1,200

Linda Pierce - $1,500

Kathryn LeBrasseur -

Carol Baumann - 

Douglas County

City of Alexandria

List Townships

County/City/Township Jurisdictions


Enhance Alexandria Grant - $25,000

NCOA - $10,000

AACF - $2,600 (YMCA)

Endowment contributors in 2022/2023

Legacy Funds

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